It’s a Wonderful Life

Hello, my friends. Today I begin a new chapter in the life of Rob. Over the last 3 months, I went through a change that will affect me for the rest of my life. No longer tolerant to stand by and let things happen to me, I have started taking steps to gain more control of my life. Sort of. I mean I’m getting there.

My first change came about when I decided to move out of the house I have shared with my lovely wife for the past 3 years. And by “I decided” I really mean Shelley decided. After having a wonderful conversation about how successful I’ve been in flying the marriage straight into the ground, it was clear that something needed to change.

Life Lesson #4; discussing your marital issues in an attempt to find happiness only works if you discuss it with your wife…not your mistress.

My next change is to work on my strong desire to be alone. Right now I’m sitting in my bed without a care in the world. The dog is by my side, and Blind Melon is in my ear buds. I’m drinking a cold Pepsi and writing a blog post for you, and I couldn’t be happier. There’s something wrong with that, I think. I should want to be more active in the world around me. Most people fear the thought of being alone, but not me, my friends. This is where I’m safe and I’m most at peace.

Actually, I’m not alone. Cousin Pete is in the other room watching Nascar. I should be in there with him, but watching 43 cars make left turns over and over and over is not exactly something that gets my blood pumping. That’s not to say I won’t suddenly gain an appreciation for the sport during my time here, but as of today I just don’t share the same passion as everyone around me.

You might be wondering what I’m talking about and how I went from life with Shelley to life with Cousin Pete. As I said, “the decision” was made that Shelley and I needed a break so we can focus on ourselves before we attempted to focus on each other. Right or wrong, this is absolutely necessary before we can even attempt to rebuild our lives together. Not knowing where I was going or how I was going to survive financially, Cousin Pete was generous enough to offer me a room in his 3 bedroom house in Hutto that he occupies by himself. Now were a couple of wild and crazy bachelors living together in this awesome party house. It’s just like college all over again. Except instead of beer in the fridge, we have Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper. And instead of discussing privacy issues when we’re with a female friend, we’re discussing the laundry schedule. So maybe it’s nothing like college at all.

During my time here, I have a lot to learn about myself and what I really want out of life. In the process, I need to focus on prioritizing my life so that I can really appreciate the good in my life instead of chasing after things that make my life a living hell. I hope to really get to know Cousin Pete as I did when we were kids. He’s an awesome dude and I can learn a lot from him. I just need to make the effort instead of sitting in my room writing to you. Don’t worry, my loyal readers, I won’t neglect you.

Welcome to the Life of Rob. This is me. This is my new life. Journey with me through the changes I am about to experience and read all about the wild adventures I will find myself involved in (with or without Cousin Pete). Stick around…You might even laugh.


*Because I already know how concerned you are, Cousin Pete’s laundry time is Sunday afternoon because he’s not as wild as yours truly who washes my clothes on a Saturday night.

**I don’t mean to brag, but I did watch “Unforgiven” on my laptop last night AND I ordered Papa Johns while doing laundry at the same time. Yea, you heard me right. You’re going to learn that I’m pretty crazy sometimes. I even went ahead and paid the extra charge to have the pizza delivered, too. What!

***Fine…I didn’t finish “Unforgiven” because I fell asleep. Don’t judge me; I only slept 4 hours the night before.


I’m pretty sure this is how Shelley feels…



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5 responses to “It’s a Wonderful Life

  1. Big Daddy From Cincinatti?

    In your own write. Gotta love it. The best thing about the blogging is that it is a clear way to organize your thoughts and help you express yourself when you actually have to speak face to face with people. You do remember people don’t you? Those creatures that drove you out of your cave with torches and pitchforks? Anywho…glad to see you are writing. Glad to see you are hanging out with Cousin Pete. I can’t believe he let you take that hound into his house. Is he letting you use that cool little built in doggy door that came with the house? He should. Keep writing. You appear to be well versed and you seem to enjoy it. Who knows, if it catches on, you might even teach your brother how to spell. Yeah, I say things like that because he can’t beat me in a fair fight. By the way…I don’t fight fair.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! Blogging really does keep my thoughts organized and it keeps me sane! Cousin Pete seems to be OK with the dog as long as I keep him in my part of the house the majority of the time. I’ve tried to teach him to use the doggy door, but he just doesn’t care to use it. He only goes outside when I take him, so really there’s no need for it. Keep checking in on the blog. I’ll be updating it as often as I can.

  3. Nora

    Hey Rob,
    I am sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time but you are not alone in your quest to rediscover yourself. I went through something similar a few years ago and came out a better person for it. It seems that married life some times leads us to forget who we are as an individual. I wish you the best down the road ahead and whenever you don’t feel like being alone or watching Nascar maybe we can meet up at Barnes and Noble: my favorite place to go and not have to talk to anyone. First drinks on me 🙂
    your old friend~ Nora

  4. Rob, I am sorry to hear that you are going though some tough times but I am really inspired by the way you are handling it. Not many people would be so open and honest about what they are doing and I think that you are an inspiration to many. A small piece of advice that you may take or leave: Bringing God into your relationship is the best way that I have found to bind people together. You will never even imagine the intimacy and incredibly strong bond that He can give you when you pray together. Jesus is the perfect example of true love and when you both invest time in learning about him the bond that you get is not just physical and emotional, it’s spiritual. I promise that if you try it together you will find that it is the most significant and amazing thing you have ever experienced. Everything can be forgiven, everything can be worked though, because there is a true understanding. I hope that you find what you are looking for, best of luck to you on this exciting journey.

    • Thanks Ymki! I totally agree with everything you said. Unfortunately its much easier said than done. It’s one thing to trust in your faith and understand that He has a plan for you and your life, but its something entirely different to actually take the time to pray and study His word with your spouse. I know that the reward for this is peace and true love, but it’s also a very difficult step to take. Thanks again for your kind words. Good luck to you and your boyfriend as well.

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