About Rob

I have to try and talk about myself again? I already filled this out for Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Gravatar, my probation officer, and I went into great detail about myself on the first post I published here entitled “Day 1: Life of Rob“. Do I really have to do this again? How about this…Here is a list of 25 facts about me you probably don’t care to know, but here it is anyway. Also, if you have any specific questions that you are just dying to know about me, email me and I’ll post it here with a mostly honest answer.

  1. I’m a momma’s boy and when my mom finds out about this blog, she will certainly shut it down and I’ll be grounded for two weeks.
  2. I’ll be 37 in 2 months.
  3. I’m half Mexican.
  4. I have a 10 year old daughter who is absolutely the best thing to ever happen to me.
  5. I just celebrated my 4th anniversary with my 2nd wife Shelley in July (2011).
  6. I was raised Baptist and go to church every Sunday.
  7. I use the word “um” way too much when I’m speaking.
  8. I’m a horrible, horrible presenter. Giving a presentation is by far my greatest fear, and when I’m forced to do it, I make others uncomfortable because that’s how bad I am.
  9. Most days I feel invisible and no matter what I do, I can’t change that.
  10. I get bored easily and I love change.
  11. My ultimate goal in life is to be financially independent so I don’t have to work and I can spend my time writing and going to storage unit auctions.
  12. I have diabetes, but it doesn’t bother me in the least bit.
  13. I have a bad memory.
  14. I sometimes wish I could break a leg or have some sort of medical issue so I would have an excuse to miss work for a couple of weeks.
  15. I still sleep with my baby blanket.
  16. I love to pay Devil’s advocate.
  17. I love my iPhone!
  18. I hate to gamble because I hate losing money.
  19. I have a bad memory.
  20. I have a strong desire to start a workout routine and lose 40 lbs, but the couch is just so damn comfortable!
  21. I’m really good at making fun of myself.
  22. I’m really bad with managing money.
  23. I tend to exaggerate a lot, so if something I say seems unbelievable, it probably is.
  24. I love to eat! LOVE it!
  25. I have that disorder where I don’t recognize faces. If I’m looking for my wife in the crowd, I have to look for what she’s wearing rather than look for her face. Weird, huh?

It has come to my attention that the word “I” is used 26 times in a list of 25 things about me, so that should be #26.

26. “I” apparently like to use the word “I” A LOT! “I” guess that makes me a tad bit narcissistic.


3 responses to “About Rob

  1. i believe you are referring to Prosopagnosia in #25… i’ll make sure to always wear distinguishable clothing 😉

  2. Norma Perales

    I would always carry around an extra change of clothes just for sh%@ s & giggles…lol. Norm

  3. jennifer

    LOL I thought u were talking @ me n some of those 26. Jen

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