If I were to come across a magic genie in a bottle and were given three wishes, one of my choices (after becoming financially secure and terribly attractive) would be to become a talented musician. I would love to be an expert pianist, guitar player, and drummer and have the voice of an opera singer. Music is a huge part of my life and my mood and feelings can turn on a dime based on what I am listening to. I’m not limited to just one type of genre, and am pretty open minded about anything I haven’t heard before. That being said, I don’t like everything I hear. Some music is so bad, I have to rush to get to my iPod and listen to a different song to wash out the stench of what I just heard. It’s the equivalent to tasting something totally disgusting and then downing a glass of water to get the taste out of your mouth. This happens when I walk into the living room and catch Shelley watching an episode of Glee (Kids jumping up and down on mattresses in a store while singing Van Halen’s “Jump”?? WTF is wrong with our society today. David Lee Roth is rolling over in his grave and the guy ain’t even friggin dead yet).

Sorry…I just had to run to the bathroom and throw up my chicken enchiladas I had for lunch. There was corn in there too. Corn? When the hell did I eat corn??

Back to the subject of music. I wrote a blog recently talking about the soundtrack to my life. I explained how periods of my life can be preserved through whatever music or albums I happen to be listening to out that time. When I go back and play a particular album on my iPod, I am immediately drawn back to that time period when the album was fresh and I start to feel some of the same emotions I experienced back then and the memories of that day come rushing back. Good or bad. It’s almost like going back in time. If I close my eyes, I almost think I really did go back in time and am almost certain when I open my eyes, I’ll be 17 again. That never happens. Obviously.

My plan was to write individual posts for every time I experience these flashbacks and go into detail about the song or album and include YouTube videos so you can have a visual. I still plan on doing that, but I’m not going to publish them on my main page. Instead, I’ve created this separate page dedicated to everything music and all my memories will go here. As I stated in that post, this is more for me, Kristen, and 80 year old Rob than it is for you. Of course you are welcome to check back every day if you’d like to see if there is anything new, and, as always, your comments are always welcome. If you have a suggestion for a particular band you think I should listen to, I would be more than willing to listen, but I can’t guarantee I will like it. I’ll let you know either way.

So, without further adieu…Here is the soundtrack to the life of Rob. Enjoy.



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