Soundtrack to the Life of Rob: Foo Fighters

Band: Foo Fighters
Album: Foo Fighters
Year: 1995
Location: Austin, TX

I’m called a cow,
I’m not about,
To blow it now,
For all the cows,
For all the cows

1995 was a good year for me. I had moved back to Georgetown a year prior after a short stint in college where my new found freedom from moving out of my parent’s house had resulted in the idea that having fun overshadowed going to class. Now I was living in Austin in a crappy apartment with my best friends Raul and Dan and having the time of my life! I was young and free and trying to make the most of my early 20’s. This is when I heard a song called “This is a Call” by some band called Foo Fighters. WOW! Not one to go out and spend my hard earned money on a CD from an unknown band; I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the “group” until I heard the second hit “I’ll Stick Around”. Now they had my attention. The next time Dan and I were browsing through the record store, I came across the self titled CD and immediately picked it up. The whole thing was brilliant from beginning to end. I listened to it continuously for the next several weeks, and then I understood what it was I was listening to. For one thing, this wasn’t an actual “group” at all. It was ONE MAN. That’s right…one man wrote and recorded this entire album. And who was he? Yep. That unknown, long haired kid who sat behind the drums in the decade’s most celebrated rock band, Nirvana. A kid by the name of Dave Grohl.

The Foo Fighters (Grohl recruited members to make up the band after the success of that first album) would go on to record 6 more albums over the course of 16 years. The latest was released earlier this year. As to which one is my favorite, I really can’t say. Each one has its own meaning to me for the time of their respective release dates. More on that later. For now, this is a celebration of the self titled debut to mark the soundtrack to my time in Austin where we literally had nothing, but we sure had some good times!


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